A New Type of Connector

15 Dec

Anybody who has ever installed a seismometer under rough field conditions or in tight vaults, will have experienced frustration with the cable connecting the seismometer to the digitizer/data logger. Sometimes the cable is too stiff, on other occasions, the opening for the cable throughput does not face in the direction of the connector on the seismometer. Bending the cable tightly or wrapping it in narrow loops is not an option, because that can induce long period noise into the set-up.

In order to eliminate this problem, Gaiacode is introducing a completely new type of connector as an option on all of its seismometers and accelerometers. This connector can be turned 270 degrees around its base (see video) - even while the cable is attached. This gives the installer the best chance to guide the cable directly where it needs to go without any bends or kinks. The rotating connector is absolutely water tight and provides a reliable electric connection which ever way it is facing...and that without introducing any significant extra weight or bulk to the whole set-up.

We can outfit any of our seismic instruments with this new, lightweight connector. Please contact Gaiacode headquarters for detailed information on this exciting option.

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