Gaiacode Exhibits in Korea

10 Sep 2023

Together with our Korean Partner KITValley Co., Ltd. Gaicode will exhibit at the 2023 Korea Climate Meteorological Industry Exhibition (KCMIE). This important annual event for the geophysical measurement community is being held this week from 13-15 September 2023 in Korea's largest exhibition venue KINTEX, which is located in Goyang in Gyeonggi-Province.

This year's KCMIE will be a hybrid expo, a combination of live and on-line exhibits and seminar. It is hosted by the Korea Meteorological Administration, which, besides weather forecasts etc., is also reponsible for Earthquake and Volcano Monitoring in the Republic of Korea.

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Our partner KIT Valley Co., Ltd is a company that raises the value of disaster prevention technology with R&D of disaster prevention IT technology in order to protect the lives and properties of the people by minimizing and preventing the damage of national and social disasters. As the main business part, KITV is responsible for the development, construction, and maintenance of earthquake and meteorological typhoon-related systems.

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