Gaiacode has chosen KMD Elektronik as our representative in Turkey. KMD is an established supplier of electric and electronic equipment based in Turkey's capital Ankara and operating countrywide. KMD Elektronik will act as a sales representative as well as a technical liasion between Gaiacode and its numerous customers in Turkey. 

KMD elektronik

Gaiacode's Founder Cansun Guralp (right) shakes hands with Yusuf K. Koc, the general manager of KMD at the wellhead of a recently installed borehole system in Turkey.

In our latest cooperation, KMD Elektronik was involved in the installion of three borehole stations in their seismically very active country.

The Turkish company joins an esteemed group of worldwide representatives for Gaiacode. For projects and customer support on the Indish subcontinent and beyond, we have teamed up with Encardio Rite, a Global leader in real time safety monitoring solutions for risk assessment of mega construction projects and existing infrastructure. In Latin America our partner is Ampere, a well established company involved in selling, installing and maintaining instrumentation for seismic and other applications. Ampere is headquartered in Mexico City and has an office in Chile. The company operates all over Latin America and the Caribbean.


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