First Ever Feedback Broadband Sensor Invented at GaiaCode

04 Mar

At GaiaCode, our founder Dr Cansun Güralp, invented the first ever Feedback Broadband sensor with the following features:

  • Vertical feedback broadband sensor module with 89 mm diameter
  • First feedback broadband sensor that used triangular spring with fine anchoring wire (patent number: {7909570 (19 March 1979)}, USA patent ( 4,280,206, July21-1981)
  • First feedback broadband sensor that used capacitive differential displacement transducer with electromagnetic force transducer
  • First feedback inherently digital broadband feedback seismometer patent: UK: (2,144287A 17 July 1984)
  • First borehole sensor 89 mm diameter.
  • First broadband vertical modular sensor with 80 MM Dimeter, for a borehole sensor casing of 89 mm diameter
  • First broadband feedback seismic sensor which had frequency response from DC to extending to 30 Hz

Since the design of the first feedback broadband sensor with the above technical features Ref REF3, REF4 fundamentally novel and innovative Broadband feedback sensor concept has been introduced based on triangular (C spring) used in elastica mode in a zero spring topology.

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