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Dr Cansun Güralp

Founded in 2019. GaiaCode marks Dr Güralp’s return to academic and industrial seismometer manufacturing, 40 years after he first revolutionised the industry with the world's first ever broadband miniature feedback instrument.

In 1978 he patented a mechanism that used a triangular leaf spring anchored to a rotational point. In combination with a sensor mass of less than 120 grams and a differential capacitive displacement transducer, this ushered in a new era of seismic instrumentation.

Dr Güralp is once again bringing a novel range of seismometers to the market, making best use of cutting edge material and electromechanical design to make further advances on behalf of seismology, science and society.

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Design and Writing of Firmware

Paul Minchinton

Paul has been working with Cansun since 1985 when Cansun first stated to manufacture seismic instrumentation for the industry. Paul Graduated from Reading University with a 1st class degree in Cybernetics (with subsidiary maths).

Stayed on in a part time basis for the next 35 years lecturing in Logic, Digital signal processing, Microprocessors and Heuristics. One of his main research areas was undertaken in N-Tuple neural networks. In parallel with the University he has been involved in various projects through his company. The projects were very varied and were particularly involved in the design of hardware and embedded firmware for logging tools used in the oil exploration industry, these tools were particularly used at very high temperature reaching 180 degrees Centigrade.

This is also an area that Paul and Cansun worked on jointly. Co-design of a variety of electronic/mechanical toys. Design of hardware and firmware of a seismic digitiser jointly with Cansun. His current work at GaiaCode is the design and writing of firmware for the TAU range digitisers.


Digital Test Engineer

Robert Aikman

Robert is a digital test engineer working on the TAU digitiser. He has 12 years of experience in evaluating, testing, and using seismic instrumentation and this work was jointly conducted with Cansun. Robert is currently working as project leader specialising in digital electronics.

Robert is particularly interested in the networking of seismic instrumentation and their installation for Earthquake early warning systems. Robert is also in charge of calibrating high resolution Digitiser TAU.


Electronics Technician

Suzanne Tonna

Suzanne is an electronics technician specialising in inspecting electronics printed circuit boards. Her experience in military electronics and instrumentation is extremely valuable for GaiaCode. She has 20 years of experience in the electronics industry.

She is currently responsible for the quality assurance of the printed circuit boards used by GaiaCode.


Technical Writer

Stephen Gould

Stephen has joined GaiaCode to ensure our documentation is comprehensive and easy to use by our customers. Stephen has extensive experience in computer systems and worked in the industry for many years.

As a mature student Stephen gained a first-class honours degree in cybernetics and electronic engineering from Reading University. He is keen to also use his programming and digital electronics design skills to assist Cansun and Paul. Stephen’s role is to standardise and keep up to date the GaiaCode library of technical documentation.


Construction of Mechanical Assemblies

Joe Porter

He has been working at GaiaCode for the last 9 months. Joe is responsible for the construction of mechanical assemblies.

Joe is also responsible for the inspection, evaluation, and testing of the mechanical assemblies. Joe is in charge of calibrating SIGMA strong motion sensors.


Trainee Technician

Joshua Pennington

Josh joined GaiaCode as a trainee technician. He is responsible in organising the cabling requirements of GaiaCode. He is also part of the mechanical assembly team particularly SIGMA and THETA Sensor.


Administrative Manager

Janet Prouse

Janet has been working as an Administrative Manager for GaiaCode for about 12 months. Janet trained as a physiotherapist and spent many years in medical research. Her organisational skills have been put to good use setting up systems and keeping track of all things admin related.

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