Gaiacode designs, manufactures and deploys advanced geophysical event detection systems.

We are the new standard in force feedback instrumentation.

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Our Misson

Gaiacode exists to develop instrumentation that exponentially improves our ability to monitor seismicity, understand geophysics and react to seismic events.

Our Instruments

We continue to build out our product range, currently, these are the products we have available.


Our flagship Broadband Seismic Instrument. Available over multiple periods and deployable as Surface, Borehole or Sub-Sea.


Highly dependable Strong Motion Accelerometer. Immensely reliable, accurate and robust for all applications.


Mid Range Broadband Seismic Instrument. Versatile, affordable and scalable in any configuration - a broadband seismometer for multiple use cases.


Eight Channel Digital Acquisition. Our digitiser is user friendly, dependable and also incredibly powerful.


Our instruments provide solutions for every possible application of seismic investigation and monitoring.
These include but are not limited to:

We will soon add detailed case studies but for more information in the interim, please do not hesitate to get in touch.